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i neeed to read about other people problems. so update people.
it is so much easier to comment on other people post than to tell people how i'm doin.
i'm posting this in all my communities, so there, read it as many times as it take.
i'm going mad in my own world.
i'm stuck at home with nothing but time and pills.
i talked to my friend and she might be coming over, but for now, i know u guys need to talk. 

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Hi you all! I'm new to the community, so I'm going to blab on!

So I've been single for over 18 months now, and LOVED it! I really enjoy the freedom and independence. Also I'll be graduating in May so there was no point in meeting anyone. Then magically on Feb. 1st, I met an amazing guy, he's attractive, compassionate, self-less, intelligent, motivated, and truly a good person with a great heart. I didn't know someone like him could exist, he's also not an American so that could explain a lot (LOL!). But Wow after 2 minutes of meeting him I got bit by the love bug, and now I love it and hate it. I can totally understand what they're talking about with this whole drug/love comparison.

It's clearly just infatuation at this point yet I wonder how often in life does this happen.

He's supposed to be making me dinner later this week, I can't wait.

Two days after we meet he asked if he could kiss me, I said no. I have this new philosophy about intimacy and relationships. I feel like we (American's) are so quick to develop the intimate side of our relationships but not the relationships. This will be my first go at developing a relationship first, intimacy later. Theoretically it seems as though it should work.

But it's been almost 3 weeks no, no kissing, I'm sure he's wondering why maybe I'll explain so he doesn't think I'm not interested. I know some people would have started working on their family by now LOL!
sweet life

i need some advice

i want to call my mother because it's christmas time,and that's some kind of big deal to her,but at the same time,during the holidays when i was a kid she would leave me with my uncle to have sex with him and then i would have to go with him to meet up with the rest of the family,and i was detatched from the whole thing.i hate the hollidays so much,but they remind me of the abuse from my mother,other family members and other related people.I want to call her,i don;t know if i should.
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... Hi

So im wondering... is this group still alive?... It used to be about stories of experiences... I know under none of my screen names i never contributed... but life hasnt been the best to me... Im just wondering if anyone is still around or if it has become a spam pit.